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What does it take to become the person, family, professional, organization you Really Want to Be?

It involves the strength of mind to align your  beliefs, principles and actions and living these through the practice of self-evaluation. The BE-Print helps you define the person - that you have always wanted to be and like structural pillars, self-discipline and self-evaluation become the foundation supporting the YOU under construction!

The practice of  Self-Discipline
The creation of  a BE-Print
The practice of  Self-Evaluation

The BE-Print System can help you construct the life of your dreams by helping you:

  • Become self-disciplined through the creation of rituals, routines and habits.

  • Create the  criteria from which to self evaluate.

  • Align your  beliefs, principles and actions.

  • Learn  better ways to manage information including emotions.

The BE-Print is a self-help system designed to help individuals and groups to create alignment of their beliefs, principles and actions.

The BE-Print is very different from any other self-help practice because it is based on a scientific explanation of human behavior; it focuses totally on the present moment and moves you towards living a principles based life.

The Be-Print is applicable to people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

BE-Print products are available for individuals young and old; educators and students; parents and children; management and employees; correctional officers and adjudicated juveniles and adults; coaches and their players, along with leaders and their constituents.

What’s different?
There are three things that make the BE-Print very different from any other self-help practice. First, it is based on a scientifically tested theory of human behavior and motivation that crosses all cultures and all ages. This theory, Perceptual Control Theory, is premised on a couple of big ideas: all living systems are designed to maintain their own unique references, and higher level references set goals for lower level references. These concepts form a complex whole and are at the heart of developing a BE-Print.
Focus on the present...
Second, the BE-Print focus is on living in the NOW. Your awareness of what you want in each moment and how you perceive the world around you is vital to living your BE-Print. Many dwell on the past or worry about the future. Successful people understand that the only moment they can effect is NOW! If you want to become more self-disciplined and independent you need to focus on the present.
The future is bright...
Third and last, the BE-Print emphasizes your picture of a positive future. As you develop your BE-Print, the only reason why you will be asked to open the door to your past is to find strategies that worked and to learn from strategies that didn’t work. You can then apply these lessons into the present situation.

A Note from the Developers...
Many practices, programs, personal coaches and counselors believe you must first heal old wounds and look at your faults and try to overcome them before you can look to the future. Perhaps that works for them - but it doesn’t work for us!

Our understanding of Perceptual Control Theory has led us to believe in this paradigm: that your effective personal change results from being self-disciplined and engaging in self-evaluation and developing from within you the details of the person you want to be.

We designed the BE-Print to help you to reach deep inside yourself to find answers to life’s big questions. This is your opportunity to write a new story. We firmly believe that we all need to self-evaluate and practice personal reflection constantly and continuously. We believe that self-evaluation is the number one life skill. We believe we are effective at helping you and others find the answer within.

One major problem that most people have with self-evaluation is that they are absolutely clueless about what criteria to use when they engage in the practice. Your BE-Print asks you to examine and define your personal beliefs and principles and then use them as the basis for your self-evaluation.

Your BE-Print will enable you to construct the life of your dreams.
We hope that the thoughts that you write in your BE-Print will become the personal measuring stick against which you evaluate your thoughts and actions. We believe that, just as an architect needs a blueprint to create a structure, a person needs a BE-Print to create a life, to become the person they really want to be.

We invite you to visit our website often and examine the parts of our individual BE-Prints we have posted there. Don’t be surprised if you see them change. That’s what self-evaluation is all about, being in a constant state of personal creation! We hope the BE-Print gives you a chance to have the highest possible thoughts about YOU!
Glenn & Shelley

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