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How about some control in your life?
Creating a Be-Print is about taking more effective control of your life.

Controlling is living.
People sometimes say, "Things are out of control." At other times, referring to a specific individual, they will say, "He is out of control", "She is out of control", or "I am out of control". At the core of each of these statements is the idea that being "in control" is valuable and being out of control isn’t so great.

Behavior is the control of perception.
According to William Powers, controlling is the process by which all living systems maintain the conditions they want. It is the process a sunflower uses to get enough sunlight; it is the process a baby uses to get rid of a sensation of hunger; it is the process you use to pump blood throughout your body to maintain the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your cells. It is also the process you use to build the life you desire, to bring about the relationships you cherish, and to create the career of your dreams.

Behavior does not consist solely of the actions we take; actions are one part of what we do to maintain control. As humans, we like to think our actions are conscious choices; however, in many cases, our systems simply do what is necessary to maintain control, to maintain a specific condition. This very basic process of constantly comparing what we want to what we are achieving and taking action to get a closer match is about getting things just right. Control involves three basic components: action, perception and comparison.
Controlling is the essence of living.


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