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Remember that most services can be enhanced or are closely linked to the BE-Print Product Line.

Correctional Officers, Law Enforcement Officers, Residential Counselors

  • One-to-one Coaching in Developing and Living a BE-Print

  • Facilitation of the Development of Organizational Components of the BE-Print

  • Small Group or Individual Development of a BE-Print

  • Keynote Speakers

  • Online Support

  • Additional Readings & Resources

  • Three-day Introductory Seminar + Fifteen Hour Practicum/Coaching

  • Six-day Introductory & Advanced Seminar + Thirty Hour Practicum/Coaching

  • Ten-day Certification Seminar + Thirty Hour Practicum/Coaching

    Inmates, Probation/Parole, Court Involved Juveniles, Residents in Wilderness Camps, Group Homes, etc.

  • 10 to 80 Hour Life Skills Courses for Inmates *

  • 6-20 Hour Life Skills Courses for Probation, Parole and Youth at Risk *

  • Customize Course for your population **See product line for details

Corrections Product Line:

Correctional Officers, Law Enforcement Officers

  • Professional BE-Print: Becoming the Professional You REALLY Want to BE!

  • Keynote Speakers

  • Online Support

  • Online Journal (Online Option Available Soon)

  • Cue Cards Set of 10

  • Values Cards Sorting Set of 20

  • Discovering the You Within Cards Set of 25

  • DVD

  • 21 Adult Connecting Activities

  • Additional Readings & Resources

  • "A People Primer: The Nature of Living Systems"
    By Shelley A. W. Roy

  • "Setting the Tone: Bettering Best Practices in Bullying Prevention and Intervention"
    by Dr. Mike Carpenter, Shelley A. W. Roy & Glenn M. Smith


Inmates, Individuals on Probation or Parole, Court Involved Juveniles, Wilderness Camps & Group Homes




  • Personal BE-Print: Becoming the Man You REALLY Want to BE!

  • Personal BE-Print: Becoming the Woman You REALLY Want to BE!

  • Teen BE-Print: Becoming the Person You REALLY Want to BE!

  • 10 to 80 Hour Life Skills Courses for Inmates Curriculum and Instructors Manual**

  • 6-20 Hour Life Skills Courses for Probation, Parole and Youth at Risk Curriculum and Instructors Manual *

  • "These Four Walls"
    by K. D. Hardy

  • "From a Knockdown to a Knockout!"
    by K. D. Hardy
    **Requires a certified BE-Print Instructor for Delivery


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