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“I really feel inspired by this training & it has motivated me to become a better me.” –Crystal Smith, Counselor, Mecklenburg Co. Sheriff’s Office

“Little did I know that this course would not only give me the framework on how I would spend my time in jail but would lay the foundation for who I wanted to be once I got out”
-K.D. Hardy - Former inmate and now motivational speaker and author of "These Four Walls" & "Knocked Down But Not Out".

“I liked everything we talked about. You brought concepts and strategies that are already within us out. You demonstrated how to pull it from within. Super – I loved this workshop.”
-Susan Robbins- Social Worker, Randolph County Schools, NC

“One thing I understand better from today’s workshop is that I don’t have to answer all the questions, solve all the problems. I just need to show students I care, build a relationship and ask questions.
-Teacher-Winston-Salem, Forsyth County Schools

“I have been stuck in the “doing” and have forgotten to be! I see the opportunity.”
-Assistant Principle -Evansville City Schools, Evansville, Ind.

“Perceptual Control Theory is the glue that holds together many strategies in how to teach and keep myself in balance.”
-Luzdary Sanchez-Teacher Assistant, Forest Park Elementary, Winton-Salem, NC

“As to answer the question, "Why learn PCT," I think that the biggest reason is that is works. You are probably familiar with the search for a grand unification theory in physics, a law or set of laws and equations that merges Newtonian & Einsteining physics (physics of the big) with quantum physics (physics of the small). PCT is the grand unification theory for psychological principals. Knowing this theory helps to explain all other theories. Moreover, understanding the theory helps me as a teacher/wife/daughter/person understand how my actions affect another person, or at the very least it changes my perspective on what I have control over and what I do not. In the end, I think it builds empathy. By letting go of the notion that I have no ability to control another person, I feel free from that responsibility. In the end, I am a happier more balanced person after learning PCT."
Leslie Eaves- School Academic Coordinator


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