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BE-Print for Living, Inc.

BE-Print for Living, Inc.
was founded in 2009 by Shelley Roy Glenn Smith developers of the original BE-Print along with business partners George Hallak, and Andre Cox to offer service providers a standardized and comprehensive scientific based approach to helping others help themselves. All BE-Print products are based on the latest scientific research on human behavior, the learning brain, change management and leadership. We offer direct service, consultation, coaching and customized curriculum development for individuals, mental health providers, schools, families, religious organizations, businesses, health spas, corrections, athletics, and other organizations.

We believe that to become the organization we have always wanted to be we must practice what we teach. The latest brain and learning research teaches us that modeling is the most powerful teaching tool. Therefore, you will find our cooperate beliefs and operating principles below. In an effort to practice ongoing self-evaluation, which we believe to be the number one life skill - our operating beliefs, principals and actions are reviewed annually.

Beliefs we hold:

  • We believe that life is a process of creating; you create your own life.

  • We believe that behavior is the control of perceptions.

  • We believe in the law of attraction. We believe that self-evaluation is the #1 life skill.

  • We believe a life of significance requires alignment of one’s beliefs, one’s principles, and one’s actions.

  • We believe we can only control ourselves.

  • We believe better creation comes out of collaboration.

  • We believe in the natural connection between the mind, the body & the spirit.


Principles from which we choose to operate:

  • Be Collaborative

  • Be of Integrity

  • Be Seeking

  • Be Creative

  • Be Supportive

  • Be Playful

  • Be Accountable to Self and Others

  • Be Self-evaluative

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